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:: Ghostbusters (remastered version)

It may nearly be thirty years old but a little bit of remastering has brought the classic Ghostbusters back to life brighter and better than ever. Even better still, the story and the comedy of the film still hold up and once again audiences get a chance to relive their early years through what, after a re-watch, I have decided should be classed as a piece of cinematic brilliance.

For those who have never seen Ghostbusters, it tells the story of three scientists, Dr. Peter Venkman (Bill Murray), Dr. Raymond Stantz (Dan Aykroyd) and Dr. Egon Spengler (Harold Ramis) lose their jobs shortly after they discover ghosts really are real… and then determine a way to trap them. The three then form an agency called Ghost Busters and decide to make their services available to the public. Soon, they are working on the mysterious happenings that are occurring in the apartment of the beautiful, Dana (Sigourney Weaver). Soon, they realise that the happenings there are about to turn into something catastrophic.

Director, Ivan Reitman really was onto something special when he was to sit at the helm of Ghostbusters. The film really does nothing wrong. Sure, some of the special effects look a little bit dated these days but everything else works just fine. When you are laughing out loud at Ghostbusters it makes you realise just how poor today’s comedies really are while first-time viewers of the film will get a chance to see how easily sci-fi and comedy can be mixed… now why can’t somebody manage to do it these days.

The real standout in this film though is Bill Murray. Like the recently released Get Low this is really one of Murray’s better films. His performance is faultless and his comedy timing is enough to make any modern day comedian jealous. The character of Venkman is one of the funniest roles to ever surface in Hollywood. His womanizing ways make him a laugh-a-moment buffoon, and he has you laughing over and over again.

Having Ghostbusters remastered is the perfect excuse to give this old classic another watch and if you’re family hasn’t seen it yet then I guess you’ll just have to make a trip to the cinema as soon as you can. Even after 30 years Ghostbusters is still a comedy that will have you laughing throughout the entire film.

Showing for a limited season at Cinema Nova, Carlton