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:: Gone

Gone is an interesting film with a formulaic story, hinting at elements of previous films Wolf Creek and Dead Calm. British backpackers Alex (Shaun Evans) and Sophie (Amelia Warner) are given a ride north of Sydney by an American drifter, Taylor (Scott Mechlowicz), who acts too cool and reminds of some shady and scary characters of past thrillers.

Director Ringan Ledwidge does a good job in painting the picture of tension and drama in how this American traveller drives a wedge between the British couple. Perhaps the build-up to the climax has been stretched a little long because the result sometimes doesn’t match the expectations.

Mechlowicz is one of the more personable film sociopaths to be seen in a while and his menacing character keeps the film going to a respectable level. His role, and that of Evans, is well handled, full of nuance and suspense. Amelia Warner is also refreshing in her role and could be a future star in the UK film industry. Her character could have been developed a little further though.

Despite the fact that the Australian landscape could have been better utilised, there is enough intrigue and interest that makes Gone enjoyable.