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:: Gone

On the surface Gone looks like an intelligent thriller that has the potential to really creep you out. But thanks to some really poor script work it ends up becoming a B-Grade thriller that seriously frustrates the audience.

Jill (Amanda Seyfried) is a young woman who went through a terrifying ordeal when she was kidnapped by a man who planned to kill her, but she escaped. Since then she has spent time trying to convince police officers such as Detective Powers (Daniel Sunjata) that she isn’t insane and that the serial killer is responsible for many of the area’s disappearances.

Things intensify for Jill when she returns home from work only to find that her sister, Molly (Emily Wickersham) is missing. Jill is convinced that it is the work of the serial killer but the Police believe Molly is just taking some ‘time out’. While the Police do nothing Jill and Molly’s boyfriend, Billy (Sebastian Stan) before she becomes the next murder victim.

Director, Heitor Dhalia, should have realised that there was something seriously amiss with Gone. The poor scripting sees Jill uncovering the truth with absolute ease while a lackluster ending means the films doesn’t even give it’s an audience a decent payoff. And as for clichés, well Gone delivers them by the bucketful, including the good ol’ cat that always seems to jump out to scare the lead actress and the audience at the same time.

Being critical of the actors in Gone seems very unfair, considering what they had to work with. All the detectives were given absolute rubbish to deliver and as a result all were pretty unremarkable. And as for poor Wes Bentley playing Hood, well in a poor attempt to make him seem like the killer he is written out of some of the most important scenes in the film with the lamest excuse you are ever likely to hear in a film…wait for it…apparently he was ‘delivering soup to his mother’!

Gone just doesn’t live up to the suspense genre at all, in fact you get the feeling that if it didn’t star Amanda Seyfried it most likely would have just been a straight-to-DVD movie. Gone is pure disappointment.