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:: Green Zone

With the way ‘Green Zone’ has been marketed you could be excused for thinking that this is the fourth film in the Jason Bourne franchise… and by marketing it that way people are doing a serious disservice to one of the most important films to have been made in modern history. ‘Green Zone’ stands up and makes a political statement about the war in Iraq that will shock most viewers… just be careful if you suffer from motion sickness because the steadi-cam here is full on… but that to me just makes it even more realistic.

Warrant Officer Roy Miller (Matt Damon) has been sent to Iraq in the days following the U.S.’s ‘shock and awe’ attack on the country that saw Saddam Hussain overthrown as leader in a bid to find the ‘Weapons Of Mass Destruction’ that gave the U.S. a reason to attack in the first place. While Pentagon official Clark Poundstone (Greg Kinnear) pushes for Miller’s team to find the WMD’S Miller starts to believe that he is on a wild goose chase. His theory is backed up from evidence he finds after a tip off by a local named ‘Freddy’ (Khalid Abdalla) but the only person that believes him is CIA Agent Martin Brown (Brendan Gleeson).

Director, Paul Greengrass has really created a masterpiece here. He truly does justice to screenwriter Brian Helgeland's script. While Helgeland speaks some hardcore truths against the Bush administration, Greengrass manages to bring an amazing sense of realism to the film. While a lot of people will find the steadi-cam shots hard to watch (this is the first time a film has actually hurt my eyes at times) Greengrass has done the right thing by using this style of filmmaking as it does make the film seem like a doco… this actually forces home the film’s message to the audience even more and reminds you that this is actually based on real events… and telling you a truth you must know.

Matt Damon is also terrific. Often he is ridiculed by the public and while his performance in ‘Invictus’ was widely criticised he really does step up here in a role that would have left many actors wanting. Here, Damon has to play the action hero while also remembering that there is depth to the story at hand and as a result he has to pull out some moments of great dramatic acting. To Damon’s credit he pulls off both absolutely beautifully!

‘Green Zone’ is a modern masterpiece. While some may feel they will be made sick from motion sickness if you can stomach that then this is a film you certainly won’t want to miss. The truths exposed here show why filmmaking can be such a valuable medium while Greengrass shows why he is one of the best directors going around, and Damon reminds us that he isn’t just another action star. ‘Green Zone’ even manages to blow ‘The Hurt Locker’ out of the water!