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:: Grown Ups

I know movie trailers are an important part of marketing for a film, and yes I’ll admit that sometimes I watch a trailer and it makes me want to see a film, but what I hate is when you watch a trailer for a comedy and it contains the only fun parts of the film. That is certainly the case for ‘Grown Ups’ – a film that promised so much but delivered so little. If you’ve seen the trailer then you’ve seen any part of the film that is likely to raise a giggle. And while that is sad the most disappointing thing is the fact that ‘Grown Ups’ had the potential to be a very good film but falls well short. Some of the ‘male topics’ touched on could have made an important social comment, and with comic talent to spare a few laughs could have been tossed in… instead the serious matters are brushed under the carpet and the lines are mostly unfunny.

After the death of basketball coach, Bobby ‘Buzzer’ Ferdinando (Blake Clark) his only championship team decide to get back together after 30 years apart. In that time leading player, Lenny Feder (Adam Sandler) has become a successful Hollywood producer and has a family with wife, Roxanne (Salma Hayek). Eric Lamonsoff (Kevin James) is also a family man with wife, Sally (Maria Bello). Kurt McKenzie (Chris Rock) is under-the-thumb to his wife, Deanne (Maya Rudolph), while Marcus Higgins (David Spade) is still a womanizer. While the strange Rob Hilliard (Rob Schneider) has just married someone old enough to be his mother.

With such a talented cast at hand the laughs she have been a laugh-at-a-minute but unfortunately they are let down by a very ordinary script. There is the odd line here and there that raises a chuckle but most of the delibratley written jokes are completely unfunny and the man-at-the-helm, director, Dennis Dugan ends up looking like somebody that has just edited together some ‘Saturday Night Live’ rejected skits and tried to make a film out of it. Even sadder is the fact that the film threatens to touch on some very serious topics but then seems to wimp out, leaving it in a dangerous middle ground.

Acting-wise the talent is wasted and really only Kevin James can hold his head up high. Adam Sandler is badly below par and as a producer he should have realised that the script was sadly lacking. Chris Rock is also sadly under-used. He is like a Doberman with a muzzle on, and you feel if he had been allowed to ad lib he would’ve come up with some stuff a lot funnier than was what was written for him.

‘Grown Ups’ sadly falls in a heap. A brilliant cast goes to waste with a sub-standard script that rarely raises a laugh. This may be listed as a comedy but if it makes you laugh I’ll be surprised.