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:: Hit And Run

The poor old action genre has copped so much criticism over the years that when an intelligent action film comes along it is well worth bragging about. Hit And Run is one such action film, a well-written action film that has heart but also remembers to keep you on the edge of your seat. The film centres around Charlie Bronson (Dax Shepard) a young man who is in witness protection for a time when he testified in a court case surrounding a robbery he saw. Now he lives in a quiet country town with his girlfriend, Annie (Kristen Bell) while he is being protected by accident prone Federal Marshall Randy Anderson (Tom Arnold).

But then just as Annie seems destined to get a job in Los Angeles, her jealous ex-boyfriend, Gil (Michael Rosenbaum) finds out Charlie’s real identity and contacts the people that Charlie testified against. Now the group of killers, led by an insane Alex Demitri (Bradley Cooper) are chasing Charlie and Annie across America.

Dax Shepard shows real talent as a filmmaker with Hit And Run. Despite being an action film his script makes the story so believable while the way it mixes action, drama and comedy together so seamlessly is something that most Hollywood screenwriters have been dreaming of doing for years now. Shepard also co-directs with David Palmer and together the pair have created one of the slickest action dramas to hit the screen. in a long time.

For filmmakers out there Hit And Run also shows just how good a low budget action film can look. Shepard cut costs wherever he could to get this film done, he cast friends in all the main roles and even used his own cars for the stunts… as far as that goes Hit And Run is one of the finest low budget films you will ever see.

Shepard also announces himself as an acting talent as well. His portrayal of Charlie Bronson is faultless. He is also well supported by Tom Arnold who seems to relish his comedic role, but the real standout here is Bradley Cooper who is virtually unrecognisible as the unpredictable Alex… that people is how you do character acting.

Hit And Run could well be one of the surprise hits of 2012… this slick action film deserves all the credit it gets.