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:: I Do (Prête-moi ta main)

I Do is a charming film, everything you would expect from a French romantic comedy. You leave the theatre feeling light hearted and content having seen a movie that ended happily and didn’t make you squirm in your seat from clichés.

The comedy stars two of France’s more adored actors, Alain Chabat (The Science of Sleep, Mission Cleopatra) and the beautiful Charlotte Gainsbourg ( 21 grams, My Wife is an Actress), it may be in part this successful casting that has brought the film some of its acclaim.

The storyline follows Luis (Alain Chabat) a successful ‘nose’ for a French Perfumery that loves living the single life and playing the field. However, his doting five sisters and mother have other ideas for their only brother/son and want to see him settled down immediately. They are all sick of having to look after him themselves and unanimously become adamant on finding him a wife.

After weeks of unfruitful blind dates, Luis is exhausted and decides to hatch a plan with his best friend’s sister who is in Paris and looking for work. Her name is Emma (Charlotte Gainsbourg) and she agrees to pose as his girlfriend who will after time end up ditching him at the altar, this ‘planned’ tragedy will occur so that none of Luis’ family can mention marriage to him again. This contract with Emma, of course comes at a price, not only a monetary cost to Luis but as time goes on they realize their plan is not going exactly as they had both wanted.

As the film progresses your affection for both characters increases and watching them fall in love with each other whilst anything that can go wrong will go wrong gives the film its laid back humour.

This movie is very sweet and appealing to those wanting to see a light hearted comedy with some feel good romance thrown in for good measure. Although you won’t leave the cinema thinking about the storyline and moved in any great way, it is a nice escapism for a night, if that’s what you are after.