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:: Inside Job

Inside Job is a documentary film that explores the global financial crisis (GFC) and the fallout suffered as a result. While the topic may seem dense and dry, the story has been told in such a way that it’s easy to follow and doesn’t get too bogged down in explanation or over analysis. And amen to that. Academy Award nominated filmmaker Charles Ferguson gets behind the scenes as he exposes the shocking truth behind the crash - it could have been avoided.

Narrated by Matt Damon, the film begins in Iceland before turning its attention onto America, one of the hardest hit countries during the crisis. What Ferguson reveals will astound you. He has unearthed some great research material and his questioning of interviewees leaves many of them squirming in their seats as they try to explain their way out. That alone makes for great viewing. Some of the comments coming from their mouths will have you laughing out loud, as it did during the preview. But this topic is no laughing matter when over $20 trillion was lost, resulting in millions of people around the world losing their homes, jobs and life savings while those responsible walked away with multimillion dollar golden handshakes.

Ferguson traces the rise of the financial industry, its deregulation and the corrupt goings on between politics, the supposed regulators, academia and those rorting the system to make billions at the expense of ordinary workers. It’s a very comprehensive project and while slow at times highlights how little people care about others’ money. I know I won’t be investing any time soon. But perhaps the greatest thing to come out of this film and the whole GFC was how easily it could have been all avoided. If the regulators and politicians had done their job this would never have happened.

Coming in at under two hours, while not the most riveting documentary I have seen, it is still a telling and enjoyable tale no less. Despite the crisis, and with lessons learned the really scary thing is that this could happen again. Since the crash no reforms of note have taken place in America and the very people responsible are still running the show. All ‘Inside Job’ is trying to do is make them accountable while avoiding a repeat disaster. Spend your hard earned to see it, just don’t invest it anytime soon.