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:: Jarhead

Detailing the memoirs of Iraqi soldier Anthony Swafford (Jake Gyllenhaal), Jarhead is not a typical war film. It is different because it highlights the plight of 20-something-yr-old men fighting the Gulf War - a seemingly modern war tale if compared with the spate of other war movies.

Spending their days waiting for the war to begin it follows the journey of men who are living day to day and becoming increasingly anxious about making their first kill, to give their life some sort of meaning besides the days of drinking, watching porn and engaging in other behaviour atypical to marine corps.

Peter Sarsgaard, plays Swoff’s partner in the division of scout/sniper and although seemingly calm externally, faces a much stormier interior. Jamie Foxx is brilliant as Staff Sergeant Sykes, with all the tenacity and hard-as-nails edge of a commander-in-chief but who also treats his recruits with respect, once they have earned it.

Jarhead is surprisingly funny for a war film, and interesting, in that not one single person actually gets killed. It is a war film for those who are interested in the hierarchy and power play of emotions which circulate among men at war, but without the violence.