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:: Jeepers Creepers 2

The original Jeepers Creepers was creepy for the first half of the film, then this ridiculous, unexplained monster appeared, which seemed to like listening to an old record of the song Jeepers Creepers and only picked out certain victims depending on their smell. The song doesn’t make an appearance in the sequel, neither does any creepiness. Or originality for that matter.

The sequel follows the standard horror film plot: teenagers, lacking in any distinctive personality or dimension, picked off one by one by a sadistic, unstoppable monster. That’s pretty much it. Jeepers Creepers 2 picks up where the first film left off, with the monster that only feeds for twenty three days every twenty three years now on its last day of feeding. They know this because one of the teenage girls develops some convenient psychic ability in order to give some much-needed exposition.

The scares aren’t that scary, and whilst the idea of setting the film almost entirely on a school bus must have seemed edgy and interesting, it results in some fairly repetitive action. The monster appears and they run to one end of the bus, it appears again, they run to the other end of the bus.

It’s hardly worth talking about the performances as none of the actors were given much to play with. One young man is a homophobe and a racist, a fairly transparent attempt at giving the kids something to talk about whilst the monster action takes a breather, but that’s about it. The dialogue includes such gems as the line ‘cock of the walk’, not exactly current teen slang.

Making an M rated horror film actually scary is always going to be difficult. There’s not much gore, certainly no sex and not a lot that’s twisted or disturbing. The first film was a modest hit, considering its small budget but I doubt those who walked away disappointed form the first one will be back for a second look.