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:: John Carter

Like most sci-fi films that have hit the cinema John Carter will have its haters and lovers, let’s just hope that there are a lot of lovers because this is one sci-fi film that will hold it’s worth with time. Based on Edgar Rice Burroughs 100 year old novel A Princess Of Mars, this film begins with John Carter’s (Taylor Kitsch) nephew, Edgar (Daryl Sabara) learning of his uncle’s death and being asked to read a diary meant only for him.

The story in the diary reveals that John Carter was a civil war veteran who while hiding in a mysterious cave suddenly finds himself transported to Mars where he meets the likes of Tars Tarkas (Willem Dafoe) and Sola (Samantha Morton) whom begin to accept him into their culture. But then John learns of the war that is destroying Mars (Barsoom) when he rescues the beautiful, Dejah (Lynn Collins) from the clutches of the evil, Kantos Kan (James Purefoy) and despite his better judgement John is soon wrapped up in the war.

Through a script that at times does not do justice to Burroughs sensational work director, Andrew Stanton has brought together a film that is as equally impressive to any of the newer Stars Wars films, and while visually it may not, it does equal Avator storywise.

Stanton really has put a lot of work into capturing the world of Barsoom and some of the action sequences look brilliant (although the CG could have been a little better). The only real weakness of the film is some poorly scripted dialogue, especially coming from the mouth of Kantos, still the magic of the film will soon help you overcome that little problem.

Taylor Kitsch does an okay job as John Carter. You know from his work on Friday Night Lights that he is a good actor, but he seems to hold back on that skill a little while in full action mode, still he is better than a lot of the other action heroes from the past, and he seems to be channeling Jake Gyllenhaal’s role in The Prince Of Persia. Kitsch is also well paired with Lynn Collins who announces herself in a big way with John Carter although it is a bit of a shame to see Mark Strong and Ciaran Hinds slumming it in their roles.

There is a lot to like about John Carter and if you are a sci-fi fan then there is a chance you’ll want to re-visit this film a few times. A sensational plot and creative new world are enough to make you forget this film’s shortfalls. Epic sci-fi adventure at it’s best.