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:: Zack And Miri Make A Porno

It has been a while since legendary writer/director Kevin Smith has produced something that reached the dizzy heights that his films ‘Chasing Amy’ and ‘Clerks’ reached. His recent offers, ‘Jersey Girl’ and ‘Clerks II’ have been absolute disgraces and well below the genius level we know that he is capable of. His new film ‘Zack And Miri Make A Porno’ had to be good in a bid to win back the fans that he has lost over the last few years, and luckily enough for Smith it is an absolute gem.

‘Zack And Miri Make A Porno’ tells the story of two lifelong friends, Zack Brown (Seth Rogen) and Miriam ‘Miri’ Linky (Elizabeth Banks) who after ten years out of High School still live together in the town they grew up in. They share house which they struggle to pay the rent for each month, but have always just been friends. After a small accident with a mobile phone and some ‘granny pants’ as well as a chance meeting with gay porn star, Brandon (Justin Long), Zack and Miri hatch the plan that they could end all their financial woes by filming and selling a porno of their own. So with a group of other ‘stuff-ups’ from town they set about making ‘Star Whores’.

It sounds like a ridiculous storyline for a film but it is pulled off with some excellent writing from Kevin Smith, this script is nearly as good as his ‘Chasing Amy’ script and has the potential to do what so few comedies remember to do these days and that is keep an audience laughing. The one-liners are sensational and well delivered by all member of the cast.

In fact the cast are one of things that makes this movie so great. Love him or hate him, Seth Rogen is one of the best comic actors going around at the moment, and once again he plays the lovable ‘goof ball’ exceptional well. Rogen is well backed up by Elizabeth Banks, who really steps up to the next level in this film and becomes a star to watch. This amazing pair are also well backed up by perennial Kevin Smith-used actors, Jason Mewes and Jeff Anderson. Another bright spark amongst the cast is Craig Robinson whom is largely known for his role of Darryl in ‘The Office’.

In would inept for me as a reviewer not to warn the public the nature of this film though. Any fans of Kevin Smith will know that no subject is off-limits to him, so when a film is about making a porno, you can guess what a lot of the dialogue is all about. But in Smith’s defence he is never crass for the sake of being of crass and with his style of humour he has the skill to pull off a scene that would normally repulse someone with enough humour that you are too busy laughing to be offended.

Kevin Smith is back at his brilliant best with a film that will genuinely make you laugh… and maybe even shed a few tears. He re-discovers the formula that made ‘Chasing Amy’ so good and it works wonders yet again.