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:: Kiki, Love to Love

The heat all has an effect on us, and you see it clearly as a journey to southern Europe. For example, the population of countries in the Mediterranean is known for the passion. If you make a movie about love and sex and come from Spain, you must be assured of a sultry movie. In Spain more than 750,000 visitors went to the movie and it's become a success.

The film consists of five separate stories that are told, but all about love and sex, including special sexual fantasies and fetishes. For example, there is a couple who think that their sex life can be better and decide to acquire new experiences, a couple that has not been together for too long and whose woman has come back to being excited about a robbery.

The deaf Sandra has something with dust and is looking for someone who understands that. Then there is the plastic surgeon who gets excited when his handicapped woman sleeps, but who wants to know nothing about his advances and has to choose an extreme approach. And then there is another couple working at the fair and would like a child. The woman finds that she likes it when her husband cries and she begins to do everything to see him so that she can release a hidden desire.

These are some stories that often give rise to bizarre situations, but director Paco León (who also wrote to the script by Josh Lawson) knows how to make a smooth movie that is very humorous. With a light tone, all kinds of fetishes are illuminated and, as a viewer, you always wonder what will happen to the various situations. My expectation is not that this will be a movie that will be visited so often in Spain, but for those who will do it will certainly lead to some fun discussions.