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:: Kill Me Three Times

Kriv Stenders is best known for his well loved film Red Dog which saw audiences feel much sentiment towards the true story of a cattle dog‘s journey around Australia. This new feature Kill Me Three Times is totally distant from the sentiment of Red Dog. This film shows Stenders’ obsession with the harsh dry climate Australia has to offer (film was shot in Western Australia), but here it‘s much more focused on a few locations that are seen from all the main characters’ perspectives.

In the middle of a scheme filled with lies, double-crossing, blackmail, corrupt cops, murder and revenge lies Charlie Wolfe (Simon Pegg) a contract killer tasked with murdering someone's wife. A brutal and twisted potboiler full of bloodbaths, double-crosses and vicious fun, it’s classic midnight-movie material.

Although Luke Hemsworth, Teresa Palmer and Sullivan Stapleton may have bigger roles, Charlie steals the show - a calmly efficient enforcer who’s never met a problem he can’t solve with a few gunshots. However, he finds that the situation stubbornly resists all his best efforts to shoot, collect and run. He has no sense what to do about the crazy situation as it starts to unravel. It’s really annoying to him. And with every new setback, it becomes more and more annoying. That annoyance is the funniest thing about the film, which climaxes with a ridiculously entertaining ending best left undescribed.

Viewers need to pay attention to this film, as it switches gears quickly with it’s whip-smart story reversals and quips. Director Kriv Stenders has assembled a terrific cast, shot in a fantastic location and above all a fun script. With its tongue firmly in cheek, this film is a total blood-filled delight, populated with people you may not care for, but do enjoy spending time with (before they die). There’s the sarcasm and bickering courtesy of Teresa Palmer and Sullivan Stapleton, which pits her superiority complex against his lack of mettle. Teresa is a favourite of mine and she is great as the better half always picking up the slack and keeping their plan on course. Add Bryan Brown’s comic abilities and you have some really great scenes also. Simon Pegg is an inspired choice for the hitman role because his is the truest villain amongst such imperfect company despite his usual good-natured self shining through with welcome bile. Utterly selfish, he has no problem painting anyone close by into a corner.

All these elements together make it a fun experience for the indie film lover, especially those who love the Tarantino-esq weirdness. It’s a balanced blend of comedy, action and absurdity.

Kill Me Three Times is released in Australia via digital, Blu-Ray & DVD platforms.