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:: Knocked Up

Prospective parents have little, if anything, in common. Alison (Katherine Heigl) is a hot looking young lady, set for a high profile career as a presenter on E! Television. Ben (Seth Rogen) has been living off a car accident claim for about ten years and he is now running low on money. There are no jobs in the offering and he and some “friends” have an online venture ( that is going nowhere fast.

Ben and Alison bump into each other at a nightclub and, after a drunken haze, spend the night together. The wild, one-night stand is alive and well! A month later Alison discovers that she is pregnant with Ben's child. They are faced with “having to know each other better”, an amusing scenario to say the least. This process provides the movie's funniest episodes with each retreating back to their respective friends for advice and security - Ben to his mates and Alison to her sister Debbie (Leslie Mann) and her husband Pete (Paul Rudd) and kids.

The boys bond over shared fears and yearnings while the sisters even try and go out for a night on the town. Debbie's husband Pete takes Ben to Las Vegas in one of many funny moments - the debauchery and extraordinary scenes. Pete and Debbie were by no means the model couple and this led to Pete going on this excursion with Ben. We then reach the moment of the birth and the realisation, etched on all faces, is something to remember.

Director Judd Apatow never misses a beat in highlighting the situations and the imaginative ways in that he conjurs up the witty and crazy dialogue. The running jokes, particularly with Ben's mates, and the timing of the lines, are exceptional. The acting is terrific. The lead cast is totally in tune and appropriate. Katherine Heigl does a splendid job in a harder-than-it-looks role. Seth Rogen is the perfect underdog and a hero of the circumstance. He exists in the middle of all emotional extremes. The supporting cast, especially Leslie Mann and Paul Rudd, offer a fascinating coupling of how they would be role models for the young parents-to-be.

The film never lets on where it's going next and it makes for an incredibly funny and refreshing story. The crude humour and touching moments are a credit to the excellent screenplay. Judd Apatow, himself an underdog, as a movie maker, has climbed a big stage in making one of the best movies of 2007.