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:: Letters To Juliet

Being a huge fan of Shakespeare’s work means if filmmakers are going to use the Bard’s work or name as a pre-tense then they also better pray that their film is stunningly impressive enough that I’m not going to walk out in disgust. Luckily for the creators of ‘Letters To Juliet’ some good writing makes this the best romantic comedy to surface in a while.

Sophie (Amanda Seyfried) is a young writer who should be on one of the most romantic trips of her life - in the Italian city of Verona (home to Shakespeare’s Juliet) with her fiancée, Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal). However Victor constantly works during the holding boring Sophie to death. Bored out of her mind she begins exploring Verona and discovers Juliet’s wall, a wall where women write letters to Juliet asking for relationship advice. Teaming up with the Sisters Of Juliet (who answer the letters), Sophie finds a letter written by Claire (Vanessa Redgrave). When Sophie answers her telling her to look for her first love, Claire promptly shows up in Verona with her cynical grandson, Charlie (Christopher Egan).

Using some great filmmaking skills the people behind ‘Letters To Juliet’ have pulled off a film that is better than your average romantic comedy. Director, Gary Winick does a wonderful job showing off the beauty of France while some great writing, thanks to screenwriters Jose Rivera and Tim Sullivan, puts forth a believable scenario with some well-developed characters that make for a wonderful viewing experience.

The only downside is that once again I find myself questioning the credentials of Amanda Seyfried as a lead actress. Once again Seyfried is forgettable in this role and she shouldn’t be when playing a character like Sophie who should be memorable. Unfortunately for Seyfried she just doesn’t have that ‘thing’ that makes her standout. A pity really because here Vanessa Regrave is brilliant while Christopher Egan’s performance is a n impressive one. Egan’s English accent and great method acting of a prim-and-proper Englishman is good enough that you could be mistaken for thinking he has walked straight out of a Jane Austin novel.

Well written and well filmed ‘Letters To Juliet’ is clearly one of the better romantic comedies to surface this year. Better than average, this rom com is an enjoyable watch.