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:: Life As We Know It

This was one film that I approached with much trepidation, after all Katherine Heigl hasn’t exactly been known to pick the best scripts during her movie career. But ‘Life As We Know It’ ended up surprising me… well the first ¾ quarters of the film did anyway… but more about that later.

Holly (Heigl) and Messer (Josh Duhamel) are literally left holding the baby after the unfortunate deaths of their best friends, Peter (Hayes MacArthur) and Alison (Christina Hendricks)… the only problem being that Holly and Messer can’t stand each other (due to a very bad first date once) so becoming instant parents is a real shock to the system. While Messer tries to do well at work and sleep with whoever she can, Holly is trying to make her restaurant work and desperately trying to get a date with one of her customers, Dr Sam (Josh Lucas). Can Holly and Messer hold it all together for the sake of their ‘daughter’, Sophie (Alexis, Brynn and Brooke Clagett – newcomers).

For the first ¾ of this film Director, Greg Berlanti and screenwriters, Ian Deitchman and Kristine Rusk Robinson (newcomer) were on a real winner. The story becomes a romantic-comedy with absolute heart, funny and quite believable. Some of the scenes were even so emotional that some audience members found themselves in tears, but towards the end of the film the whole story falls away as the ending crashes down in the old-fashioned clichéd rush-to-the-airport plot that fails miserably in this sense… some may even have had the ending ruined by the trailer. It is unfortunate that a film that holds up so well is ruined by the fact that the writers went with a cliché that’s been done a million time before rather than use their brains and come up with something original.

Still, this has to be the best film that Heigl has chosen to do and it shows in her performance. She is enjoyable to watch and for once some Hollywood producers have actually cast a believable ‘couple’ for a romantic comedy. Together Heigl and Duhamel shine, and they benefit from the fact that both their characters have been well-rounded in the script. This is the film performance that every ‘Las Vegas’ fan knew that Duhamel was capable of.

‘Life As We Know It’ looks so promising. Heigl and Duhamel play great characters and early on this a film with real heart and emotion, but unfortunately it is ruined by a clichéd ending. One of the better romantic comedies of the year but be prepared to be completely disappointed with the ending.