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:: Mrs Henderson Presents

The 1930s-1940s in London was a time of war and uncertainty. Yet one wealthy and eccentric widow, Mrs. Laura Henderson (Judi Dench) had the determination and audacity to defy London’s conservative censorship laws, and to challenge the atmosphere of trepidation surrounding society. She dared to set up her own small window of hope and joy, in the form of a theatre; The Windmill Theatre in the heart of Soho.

With theatre manager Vivian Van Dam (Bob Hoskins), she helped to create a provocative but ‘artistic’ series of performances, using naked women as the centrepiece for drawing their male dominated audience. Mrs. Henderson appears unstoppable, even defying her manager when he bans her from her own cinema. She arrives disguised as a polar bear, creating a hilarious scene that could only be perfected by Judi Dench herself.

As the war continues, the theatre falls under threat, and each actor, including Mrs. Henderson, is forced to deal with their own demons.

This film has a dark setting, with the theatre struggling to stay afloat in such turbulent times. But Judi Dench as Mrs. Henderson has such a wonderful colour and humour to her character, that the film has no choice but to sparkle.