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:: Music And Lyrics

A great mix of tacky 80’s music - meets today’s world of raunchy and crude pop – ‘Music and Lyrics’ is the latest romantic comedy to hit the big screens. The amusing opening scene from the film is a video clip from the very popular 80’s band ‘Pop’ – who stars Alex Fletcher (Hugh Grant), which should have the audience giggling in their seats from the bad dancing, corny lyrics and hideous fashion.

The rest of the film follows – Alex – who is now a sad, ignorant, but still quite talented singer, whose world now depressingly revolves around singing at high school reunions and fairs. That is until singer Cora – bigger than Britney and Christina – asks him to compose a song for her. The trouble is – Alex does not write and has not written a song in more than two decades – and finding a suitable lyricist proves harder than he expects.

Being his big break back into the charts, Alex is desperate and is convinced that his new ‘plant girl’ Sophie (Drew Barrymore) is a genius lyricist in the guise of a gardener and sets about trying to persuade her to write a song for him. The trouble with Sophie is she is still dealing with the fact that her ex-lover and ex-literary professor turned her into the character in his best selling novel, and she is convinced she is a hopeless writer.

With more than a little pushing and shoving from an anxious Alex – as the title suggests – Sophie’s lyrics – and Alex’s music gradually come together and the romance soon blossoms between them. Now – Alex and Sophie – must work together to make sure young Cora with her in-your-face sexuality does not ruin the song. Sophie tries her hardest to persuade Cora to leave the music as it is, although Alex is only thinking about the money and his new-found-fame.

Music and Lyrics is the battle to compose the perfect song, with some rather stubborn obstacles along the way. The film is light-hearted and funny, although Hugh Grant and Drew Barrymore do not quite have that powerful chemistry between them to bring the film together. Barrymore’s character Sophie is likeable with her scatter-brained and quirky nature, and Grant’s character is certainly believable with his bitter, but ambitious personality.

On the whole, Music and Lyrics is a jolly and enjoyable, and should satisfy most film-goers.