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:: My Week With Marilyn

If you found yourself enjoying Me And Orson Welles then get yourself into a cinema as soon as possible and check out My Week With Marilyn. While My Week With Marilyn doesn’t have the comedy of Me And Orson Welles it shines with a dramatic storyline that reveals Marilyn Monroe to a whole new generation.

The film is based on the journal of Colin Clark (Eddie Redmayne) a young, rich Englishmen who dreamed of going against his parent’s wishes and working in the movie industry. He managed to secure a job working with Sir Laurence Olivier’s (Kenneth Branagh) production company, thanks to Vivien Leigh (Julia Ormond), just as Olivier brings Marilyn Monroe (Michelle Williams) to England to film The Prince & The Showgirl.

While the world sees a confident and sexy Monroe, Clark gets to see the real Marilyn. He befriends her as she struggles with the fact that she is no where near as good as the acting royalty she is sharing the limelight with and that she finds writing from her new-husband, Arthur Miller (Dougray Scott) that she feels is about her.

While it would be an insult to not mention Simon Curtis’ massive rise from TV director to masterfully helming a film as good such as My Week With Marilyn, the important thing to recogniSe here that it is in fact Michelle Williams’ performance that makes this such a fine watch.

Screenwriter, Adrian Hodges doesn’t quite hit the spot with how dramatic some of the scenes could be but Williams takes what she is given and enhances each scene but giving one of the dramatic performances of the year. There has always been the argument of who has done the best work since Dawson’s Creek, Katie Holmes or Williams? This is the film that proves that Williams is streets ahead.

And while Williams is putting in a performance that is Oscar-worthy she is well supported by Eddie Redmayne who announces himself ready to take on the leading man role in films. Also worth a mention is Kenneth Branagh, as an actor who always chooses his roles well (you never find him slumming it) you know he’s always going to be good, but here he really shines as Olivier and nails the role perfectly.

My Week With Marilyn is a film made look a lot better than it really is by some of the acting performances of the year. A delightful film that allows Williams to show the world just how great she is.