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:: Never Let Me Go

Never Let Me Go is an extremely difficult film to review; see the best way to view this film is to not know anything about the film's plot at all. The strange plot also makes it hard to place it in a genre. Is it drama or is it fantasy? Either way Never Let Me Go is a brilliant film that is guaranteed to completely draw in any audience member.

Without giving too much about the plot Never Let Me Go follows Kathy (Carey Mulligan), Tommy (Andrew Garfield) and Ruth (Keira Knightley), three children/teenagers who all live at a seemingly normal and idyllic boarding school. The only drama they seem to endure is that Tommy is bullied while Kathy is secretly in love with him, however it is Ruth that makes the first move on him. What they aren’t prepared for though is the dramas that they will face later in life (but its best that you don’t know about them until you go to see the film).

This really is one twisted film indeed and, like he did with The Beach, Alex Garland makes sure the novel comes across on the screen powerfully well. Together with director, Mark Romanek Garland manages to make what is actually a very unrealistic storyline seem eerily real. The way the two manage to allow the film to look like a Pride & Prejudice style drama while it certainly delves into a sci-fi storyline in the vein of A.I. only goes to show how talented the pair are… a surprise when you consider that Romanek has been wasting his talents on music videos over the past few years. Garland’s script does really allow you to be drawn so far into the film that you find yourself getting emotionally affected by some of the film’s more intense scenes.

The other thing that makes Never Let Me Go stunningly brilliant is the acting of the main cast. Anyone that has ever said Keira Knightly is just another pretty face will be stunned as she puts her heart and soul into a role where she can’t just get by with her looks. But even she is out-acted by Carey Mulligan who once again shows why she is one of the most underrated actresses going around. Also putting in a great performance is Andrew Garfield, so if you’ve been worried about the fact that he is to play Spiderman then you’ll see her that no role is beyond his grasp.

Make no mistake you will be emotionally affected by this dark yet enchanting film that will have you questioning humanity for a long time after the final credits have ended. One of the best British films to surface in a long time… this is a film that you could watch over and over again and still something new each time.