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:: Night

Director Lawrence Johnston’s visually powerful, if not at times narratively dull, ode to the night features a large number of testimonials from various creatures of the night, such as taxi drivers, emergency services crew, and other inhabitants from the other half of our 24 hour world, who are all different in race, age, sex and creed. The film is primarily set within Sydney and Melbourne, with brief interludes focusing on the outback.

Cinematographer Laurie McInnes provides startling images which are equally awe inspiring and frightening, while composer Cezary Skubisewski contributes a stirring and momentous score. Yet even at 82 minutes, the film does seem to drag on thanks to its repetitive structure. More images from the outback and other rural areas were needed to counterbalance the images from the city, and less talk would have made the images on hand that much more mysterious and powerful, leaving the viewer to rely on their own thoughts about the mysteries of the night, rather than being bombarded with the musing of others.

Overall “Night” is a good and interesting documentary, but not something I would watch all over again.

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