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:: Non Ti Muovere (Don't Move)

This is a beautifully made dramatic film directed by Sergio Castellito. He has been renowned for his terrific acting talent but, in only his second time as director, enthralls us with one of the better foreign films of this year.

The film opens in present day with a remarkable accident scene from which a young woman, after a crash on her scooter, is rushed to hospital with severe head injuries. It turns out that she is the daughter of the hospital’s chief surgeon, Dr Timoteo (Castellito). His colleagues battle to save her life while Timoteo goes into flashback mode to recall his life in meeting a female acquaintance in the countryside. The main storyline is then developed about him, this adulterous young doctor, and a vivacious young peasant woman, Italia (Penelope Cruz). His car had broken down and he goes to a bar and drinks heavy amounts of vodka. He is totally struck by Italia’s sexuality.

She has had a tough upbringing and soon accepts Timoteo’s lustful pursuit. There is genuine love and intimacy over a long period of time. All this has occurred while Timoteo’s wife (Claudia Gerini) remains devoted and neglected.

Several surprises occur throughout the film as Castellito keeps a good hold on the sentimental nature. Many Italian films relate to the theme of adultery but Castellito ensures that no cliches are driven here. He portrays the passion between Italia and Timoteo within the dramatic circumstances that are reached.

Non Ti Muovere brings thoughtful and creative Italian filmmaking; some of the best in recent years. The acting performances of Castellito and Cruz are brilliant (both won Italian “Oscars” this year). Theirs is a remarkable chemistry and Cruz’s efforts are especially touching and unforgettable. It’s her most lasting portrayal of her career so far.