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:: Not Suitable For Children

Traditionally Australia doesn’t make great romantic comedies, but Not Suitable For Children puts an end to that belief. It also proves that despite the fact countless films released over the last twelve months have claimed to be an alternative romance Not Suitable For Children is actually the first one to live up to the claim.

Certainly not sticking to a formula Not Suitable For Children finds Jonah (Ryan Kwanten) a young party boy who has actually started up a party business with his best friends and housemates, Stevie (Sarah Snook) and Gus (Ryan Corr). But Jonah party and womanizing lifestyle is placed into turmoil when he is diagnosed with testicular cancer and then discovers that his sperm can’t be frozen. He decides that he wants to become a father and he has only two weeks to decide whether the mother should be his ex-girlfriend Ava (Bojana Novakovic) or someone else.

Due to a snappy script delivered by Michael Lucas, director, Peter Templeman is able to deliver the promised alternative romantic comedy with ease. The characters are believable and likeable while Lucas also manages to mix the right amount of drama and comedy (comedy that actually makes you laugh), however he would probably be disappointed in the fact that the film’s trailer actually gives away his sensational ending.

Together Lucas and Templeman manage to do something else that most films fail to do, and that is base a film around young characters without making them either the stereotypical youngster and a complete bogan. Using this as a base this is some of the finest writing you’ll see for young characters since The Secret Life Of Us.

The great screenplay really gives Ryan Kwanten the chance to shine. As he proved in Griff The Invisible and Red Hill he is an actor far above the soapie actor status that he is forced to wear. Here Kwanten really captures the character of Jonah and makes it is own, he mixes up comedy and drama at will and puts in a truly remarkable performance. Kwanten is well supported by Sarah Snook and Ryan Corr who certainly don’t waste their opportunity on the big screen either.

If you’re looking for a romantic comedy (some would even argue drama) that breaks new ground the Aussies certainly deliver it with Not Suitable For Children.