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:: Oranges And Sunshine

When a film sets about exposing a secret that has been kept by two Governments that are as well respected as the English and Australian Governments are then you better hope that the filmmakers responsible have made a film that is strong enough to reveal the secret but also does justice for those who are victims of what took place. Luckily Oranges And Sunshine manages to do both, and in doing so reveals itself as one of the most powerful films to be released in a long time.

The film tells the story of Margaret Humphreys (Emily Watson) a social worker who helped uncover a secret that the Australian and British Governments had been able to keep hidden for years. As Margaret digs deeper she learns that for many years the British Government lied to children and then exported them to Australia for a so-called ‘better life’. In Oranges And Sunshine Margaret works with many people including Jack (Hugo Weaving) and Len (David Wenham) and helps them not only find out who their family was and also help them put together their lives. As she continues to help people Margaret finds herself become a target as she begins to expose the role that the Catholic Church played in the plan.

First time feature director, Jim Loach, who is the son of the legendary Ken Loach, shows that the producers certainly made the right choice when they hired a newcomer to direct such a magnificent film. Loach manages to capture the drama of each scene in an unique way while you only have to watch his scenes depicting Walter (Geoff Morrell) to see that Loach has all the talent to direct an Oscar-Award winning film one day. Screenwriter, Rona Munro also needs to be congratulated for a screenplay that captures the pain of the people who went through this saga without sensationalizing it.

If Oranges And Sunshine doesn’t win awards for its leading actors then there is something seriously wrong with those who are voting for the awards. Emily Watson is a standout in a challenging role while David Wenham once again reminds everybody why he is one of Australia’s leading actors. The performances of Watson and Wenham are some of the finest cinematic moments that you are ever likely to see.

If you like movies that make an important statement then Oranges And Sunshine is a must see. This fine movie should open the eyes of people right across the world and hopefully bring shame to the people that helped cover-up this disgusting secret.