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:: Outfoxed

Don’t believe everything you read. It’s the old saying that can apply to all forms of media such as television news. Outfoxed focuses on such media giving an in-depth look at Rupert Murdoch’s Fox news channel.

This fast paced documentary from producer/director Robert Greenwald, who founded Robert Greenwald Productions (RGP) and his since produced over sixty films garnering a number of awards such as 25 Emmy nominations, 2 Golden Globe nominations, and a Best Director nomination from the Directors Guild of America. Outfoxed gives an insight into the Fox news channel as well as many of the tricks of the trade used to influence the viewing public whilst pushing right-winged view points.

Robert Greenwald describes the film as being about “Media control, dealing with the fact that five companies now control virtually all of American media” “When we have extreme media control and in this case one particular company. News Corp, with its control its able to influence us”.

Outfoxed delivers a well executed expose showing the moral and ethical corruption taking place inside fox news which itself claims to be ‘Fair and Balanced’ as the slogan suggest. The film features candid interviews with former Fox News producers, reporters, bookers, and writers who discuss being forcefully coerced to push propaganda and right winded viewpoints. The film also covers a number of current and relevant issues such as the 2004 US Presidential race, Americas continuing presence in Iraq and the ongoing social and political fallout of post September 11.