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:: Piranha 3-D

Sometimes when you see a film you just have to check your brain at the door and have a good laugh… that is certainly the case with ‘Piranha 3-D’. There’s no good trying to find art in this film because it simply isn’t there, but it doesn’t need to be. Obviously the point of this film is to make a non-serious splatter film that sets out to make its audience laugh (and perhaps titillate a little) – the great thing is that the filmmakers have allowed this film not to take itself seriously… if they had then it would have been a disaster.

Jake Forester (Steven R. McQueen) may live by the beautiful Lake Victoria but this ‘lovable loser’ doesn’t get to take part in the Spring Break fun because his mother, Julie Forester (Elisabeth Shue) is single and the sheriff. Normally Jake is forced to look after his younger brother and sister, Laura (Brooklynn Proulx) and Zane (Sage Ryan) and he certainly doesn’t feel he is cool enough to ask out the love-of-his-life, Kelly (Jessica Szohr’). But while Julie is busy investigating a piranha infestation Jake is out on the lake with porn sleaze, Derrick Jones (Jerry O’Connell) and porn actresses Danni (Kelly Brook) and Crystal (Riley Steele). What neither Julie or Jake know is that Laura and Zane are also on the lake.

In a lot of ways director Alexandre Aja needs to be congratulated for his work on ‘Piranha 3D’. He is probably the first director that has made a seriously fun 3-D movie and he has handed horror fans what they have been asking for a long time now… and that is a seriously good B-Grade romp. There are moments in this film that will make you laugh… but you know what that is fine because that is what Aja wants you to do… anybody that has seen the film and seen what Aja has happen to part of Derrick’s anatomy will tell you that Aja is hoping his audience will have a chuckle. And at the times you aren’t laughing there is a good chance you’ll be glancing away from the screen because of some of the great gore that Aja reminds fans should be included in all good horrors.

True to the trashy B-Grade Horror genre Aja has cast a former pin-up girl with Kelly Brook and a porn actress in the form of Riley Steele. And just like the films of old Steele barely delivers a line and while Brook shows potential you know they are just there for their looks and for some of the more graphic scenes. Aside from that I was genuinely impressed with the acting of Steven R. McQueen and I’m hoping to see him in a lot more soon. Jerry O’Connell also steals some of the comedy limelight while there are also some great cameos from Eli Roth, Richard Dreyfuss and Christopher Lloyd.

Aja has delivered a funny B-Grade Horror that makes heading back into the cinema fun. ‘Piranha 3D’ doesn’t take itself seriously and as a result we have a gory horror that is just great fun to watch. Put the brain away and just enjoy yourself.