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:: Quiet Chaos (Caos Calmo)

‘Quiet Chaos’ is one of the most beautiful and heartfelt films to surface in quite a long time. This is one film that has the potential to totally captivate and audience while taking them through a variety of emotions.

Pietro Paladini (Nanni Moretti) and his brother, Carlo (Alessandro Gassman) are swimming at the beach one day when they save two women from drowning. They return back to their family’s holiday house to discover that Pietro's wife has died in a freak accident. This leaves Pietro a single father forced to juggle a hectic corporate career while looking after his daughter, Claudia (Blu Yoshimi). While the parents of Claudia’s friends and his unhinged sister-in-law, Marta (Valeria Golino) try to help him with Claudia, Pietro decides that he can’t ever leave Claudia and when she returns to school he decides to wait in the park across the street from her school. Here, Pietro juggles corporate takeovers with meetings with school mothers while befriending a young disabled boy and a beautiful woman who walks her dog each day… despite the fact he never speaks to them. Pietro becomes a local ‘oddity’ but nobody can criticise him for his devotion to his daughter.

Director, Antonio Luigi Grimaldi has managed to make ‘Quiet Chaos’ a very beautiful film indeed. His cinematography allows us a wonderful insight into Pietro’s world while the screenwriting team manages to take Sandro Veronesi’s novel and explore a topic rarely looked at in screen… that of a single father having to put aside his own feelings of loss in order to look after his young daughter. The relationship between Pietro and Claudia is simply one of the most touching father/daughter relationships that you are ever likely to see played out on screen. The way the story manages to incorporate the corporate takeover and corruption around Pietro along with his relationship with Claudia is screenwriting at its best.

As usual, Nanni Moretti is at the top of his game. He is an exceptional actor who doesn’t need dialogue in order to show the pain that Pietro is going through. Moretti is a joy to watch on screen and he shines in this role, a role that would test any of Hollywood’s greats. He is also well supported by Valeria Golino who is brilliant in the role of the mentally unstable Marta. The scenes in which her character ‘flips out’ are hard to watch but leave you breathless.

There is little wonder that ‘Quiet Chaos’ has won awards right around the world. It is Italian cinema at its best. A sensational film that is worth its weight in gold.