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:: Rats And Cats

This is an indepenent Australian film, directed by Tony Rogers. Rogers won an Australian Directors Guild award for his work on the cult SBS TV series, Wilfred (working alongside his lerad actors here - Zwar and Gann). The film stars co-screenwriter Adam Zwar as Ben, a magazine journalist who goes to the Victorian coastal town of Gladdington to discover what happened to former soap star Darren McWarren, (Jason Gann), for his column Where Are They Now.

Darren is a drunk and womaniser who is lead singer with a local band. He has virtually wrecked his career with a series of indiscretions. In an attempt to reform himself he declares his love for local prostitute Cindy, (Anya Beyersdorf). The film is a celebration of that laconic Australian spirit - about fame and our obsession with it. Darren even makes a joke out of the state of the Australian film industry, and it's not too promising an outlook either. At times, there are uninteresting periods on-screen, but it is offset with some clever and humorous moments.

Rats And Cats is a very laid-back comedy, content to explore life in this little town and some of its inhabitants. As a look at the cult of the celebrity it provides a few amusing moments. The generally witty script and intuitive performances are of a good standard. The actors are all very capable and full credit goes to director Tony Rogers for coming up with such a professional film on a small amount of resources available. Shot for next to nothing on location, Rats And Cats is a visually attractive film shot on high definition. It's well worth a look.