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:: Re-Living Off The Land

It takes a lot of guts for filmmakers to make a film that is basically fun of themselves. But that is exactly what Melbourne filmmakers Simon Best and Paul Murphy have done. ‘Re-Living Off The Land’ is a smart little comedy that basically says ‘yeah we know the first film we tried to make was no good… but let’s laugh about it.’ This is one small budget Aussie film that is certainly worth a look.

The film tells the story of four high school friends, Paul (Paul Murphy), Simon (Simon Best), Ben (Ben Spaull) and Wally (Wally De Backer) set about filming a horror film called ‘Living Off The Land’. The shoot lasted just one day because they soon realised they weren’t very good at the job at hand. Now years later Paul finds the old footage and decides to get the told team back together and finish the film. Paul, Simon and Ben are very excited about the project but it seems Wally has disappeared… or in this case become a celebrity who now calls himself Gotye. However they find that re-shooting the film isn’t as easy at it seems. Tensions flare and now they wonder if ‘Living Off The Land’ will ever see the light of day.

The key to enjoying a film like ‘Re-Living Off The Land’ is to look past the low-budget look and just enjoy the story and characters at hand. Paul Murphy plays a wonderfully energetic filmmaker and the scenes featuring Peter Fitzpatrick and the late Richard Franklin are priceless… as is the story behind how the characters actually get to make.

A big congratulations must be forwarded to Wally De Backer (also known as ARIA award winner Gotye) who gave his time to make this film… and to have a good laugh at himself. His scenes of ‘losing it’ on the film set are classic and just shows how funny some parts of this film can be.

‘Re-Living Off The Land’ may not of the gloss and glamour of a big budget film but it is a good laugh and the kind of film that you know is destined to become a cult classic. Simon Best and Paul Murphy are good filmmakers and ‘Re-Living Off The Land’ is certainly worth a look if you don’t mind a film that makes fun of itself.

The film is screening as part of the Melbourne Underground Film Festival:
Monday August 24, 9.00pm
The Embassy Theatre
1 Queensbridge St, Southbank

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