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:: Red

In this explosive new film Bruce Willis is RED. Retired Extremely Dangerous. Directed by Robert Schwentke and based on the cult D.C graphic novel by Warren Ellis and Cully Hamner, the film centres around five former CIA agents who were all once at the top of their game. Willis, who plays retired CIA black ops agent Frank Moses, joins an all star cast of Morgan Freeman (Joe), Mary Louise Parker (Sarah), John Malkovich (Marvin), Helen Mirren (Victoria) and Brian Cox (Ivan).

What starts as a coy love story with a lot of back and forth flirting between Frank and Sarah, quickly changes pace as bullets begin flying. Sarah is dragged from her dull and mundane life as a call centre employee and thrown into a world of secrets, danger and action, which she concedes is not the ideal first date.

Frank is on a mission to break into the CIA headquarters and find out who is behind a string of murders from a list which his name happens to be on, and Sarah is along for the ride. Along the way they pick up the paranoid verging on insane Marvin, Frank's long time pal Joe, dangerous Russian Ivan and the trained to kill Victoria.

In a film where danger lies around every corner Parker's character provides the right amount of comic relief adding a level of satire to the film. Willis is a perfect fit for the role of Frank having previously starred in films like Die Hard and Sin City, he all but laughs in the face of danger, often literally (and resourcefully) exploding his enemies. But while Frank appears to be your average tough guy it is clear he has a soft spot for Sarah, he's “hard on the outside, gooey on the inside.”

As the audience we get the best view in the house through a clever use of shots and abstract views. There is rarely a dull moment in the fast paced film as the unique team travel across America from postcard to postcard in pursuit of the bad guys. Although the fast pace of the film does at times make it hard to keep up with. This is not the kind of film you can feign interest in, so my advice is keep your eyes peeled and your phones switched off.

RED offers a little something for everyone and is a refreshing take on the classic action comedy duo. The romantic storyline doesn't distract from the plot and rather than a story centred on the young, new class of heroes we see a cast of older retired veterans of the game who just can't seem to give up the action. But underneath it all perhaps Frank really does just long for a normal life, although where would the fun be in that?