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:: Resident Evil: Apocalypse

I think it is fairly safe to say, Milla Jovovich is hot. Ever since I was a teenager I have heard boys talking about that girl with the strange name from Return to the Blue Lagoon, whilst looking off into the distance and sighing wistfully to nobody but themselves. It wasn’t really until the Fifth Element in 1997 that I really began to understand what all the fuss was about. Jovovich’s latest film Resident Evil: Apocalypse sees her reprise the role of Alice that she played in the 2002 original, a role that is by all accounts not too dissimilar from that of Leeloo who she played in the Fifth Element. Both are vulnerable yet supremely powerful beings who talk little and pout a lot.

The storyline for Resident Evil: The Apocalypse the sequel is centred on the plot of the third video game called Nemesis. The reopening of the Hive has caused an outbreak of the deadly T-Virus to be released on the world at large, which essentially turns anyone inflicted with the virus into a people eating zombie. Racoon City within hours is turned into a city of the living dead. The Umbrella Corporation fearing a spread of the virus beyond city limits, quarantines the city and leaves the remaining few alive inside to fend for themselves.

Alice, along with other survivors, disgraced STAR member Jill Valentine (Sienna Guillery), Carols Oliviera (Oded Fehr) and his captain Nicholai (Zack Ward), make a deal with an Umbrella Corporation scientist Dr Ashford (Jared Harris) who is safe on the outside. It is to locate his daughter (Sophie Vavsseur) who is also trapped in the city and once they do so, he will get them all out. All they need to do is find her and not get bitten or killed by a zombie in the meantime. Just as they are looking like they might just make it out alive, the Umbrella Corporation decide to test just how powerful Alice has become by unleashing their other pet project onto the group and seeing what will happen. The battle then turns into one between Alice and Nemesis, who was once upon a time her partner Matt Addison.

Resident Evil’s slick production values make the film inherently watchable on the big screen. The director Alexander Witt has honed his skills as second unit director on previous Hollywood blockbusters including Pirates of the Caribbean, The Bourne Identity, and Gladiator. It has been said that the sequel embodies more of the spirit of the video game than the original movie did, however that may explain the lack of imagination in the script. Paul WS Anderson has written a number of films of the same ilk, including the original Resident Evil, Mortal Kombat and Alien vs Predator but the current film relies too heavily on the action sequences and special effects, and the snappy one liners often peppered through such action flicks is largely absent.

However if the reason you are a fan of the video game or of the original movie, like I suspect the majority of people are, is because you like to watch sexy girls kicking some serious arse, then Jovovich as Alive, won’t let you down.