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:: Rock 'n' Roll Nerd

Even if you don’t know who comedian Tim Minchin is, ten minutes into ‘Rock n Roll Nerd’ you’ll be promising yourself that when you get out of the cinema you’ll be purchasing his whole back catalogue as well as counting down the days until he next plays in your town.

‘Rock n Roll Nerd’ is a documentary that follows the rise of Melbourne born comedian Tim Minchin. And, unlike most documentaries that supposedly follow the life of a celebrity, this is a no holds barred documentary that captures all the important moments in Minchin’s career; both the good and the bad. This is a journey through every aspect of his life and career in every sense of the word.

While viewing this documentary even the viewer feels like they are being taken on a journey. You marvel at the genius of Tim Minchin, you feel happy when his career takes off and you feel absolutely gutted when his wife, Sarah Minchin loses her baby. Most documentaries in this genre would try to gloss over the bad things in Minchin’s life but ‘Rock n Roll Nerd’ features Minchin talking openly about the loss of the baby and the racist stir his show caused at his second Edinburgh Festival.

It is a complete surprise to learn that this is writer/director Rhian Skirving’s first documentary, as it seems to be the work of a seasoned professional. It is doesn’t miss a thing and the viewer never gets the feeling they are being ‘preached’ at or being recruited to the Minchin fan club. What Skirving has created is an inspirational documentary that no up-and-coming artist should miss as it truly does chart the steps (and sacrifices) that somebody has to make in a bid to make a name for themselves in the entertainment industry.

‘Rock n Roll Nerd’ is a fantastic documentary that even non-Minchin fans (or even comedy fans) will thoroughly enjoy. There is no zoning out for the viewer during a documentary that not only tells a story but keeps you thoroughly entertained. You certainly wouldn’t be wasting your time giving this one a quick peek.