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:: Role Models

Role Models is your typical summer holiday fluff that always seems to turn into a gold-mine at the box office, even though it hasn’t got that much going for it. A never-ending parade of sex jokes and swearing children aimed at teenage boys means the film forgets everyone else (and its dignity) in the process.

Rude and cynical Danny (Paul Rudd) has just been dumped by his lawyer-girlfriend after an ill-fated marriage proposal. Becoming sick of his dead-end job selling energy drinks to school kids with his dumb, womanising partner Wheeler (American Pie’s Sean William Scott), he finally breaks down by driving the company truck into a statue. The pair is sentenced to 150 hours of community service or face the prospect of 30 days in jail. The court sends them to Sturdy Wings, a youth organisation run by a recovered drug addict, where ‘bigs’ (adults) are paired up with ‘littles’ (children) to mentor. Wheeler is given a foul-mouthed, aggressive brat with a single mother, while Danny teams up with a geeky and socially isolated misfit stuck in a world of mythical role-playing. The plot is predictable, as the bigs – who don’t want to be there and can’t stand their kids - soon warm towards their littles, and Danny tries to woo his former flame.

Wheeler and his ‘little’ Ronnie don’t seem to change their ways in the slightest, and it becomes difficult to work out which one is more grown up in typical Sean William Scott form. Danny’s kid Augie is perhaps the only redeeming character, as he struggles with his unenthusiastic, deflating parents and inability to fit in. The mythical Dungeons and Dragons world he plays in is a real-life version of the thousands of role-play games online, which ultimately brings them together. His ‘big’ soon realises the not everything in life is so bad after all.

While there are some funny moments – the Kiss costumes are worth a chuckle – Role Models is probably one to avoid unless you’re keen on juvenile sex humour or a thirteen-year-old boy with not much to do during your summer holidays.