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:: Shark Night 3D

Okay, anyone heading into the cinema to see Shark Night 3D is going to know that you aren’t going to see a brilliant film. The only real question to ask is would it stand up as a horror film? Am I right, horror film? Well, Shark Night 3D may have some dodgy moments but for the most part stands up.

The story is simple enough. A great of college students, led by Sara (Sara Paxton) head of to a lake in the Louisiana Gulf for a break. And while students such as Nick (Dustin Milligan) sees it as a chance to spend some time with his friends and as a chance to score with Sara, any plans he has are shattered when the group of friends discover that the lake is infested by sharks. Even worse is the fact that it seems the only people that can help them are the creepy Dennis (Chris Carmack) and Red (Joshua Leonard).

It is shame that Shark Night 3D’s script is all over the place. While at time it follows the Hollywood clichéd horror film at other times it feels like it is trying to make a statement, especially about reality TV. In the film’s credit it does actually toss up a couple of twists that you don’t see coming as well. Director, David R. Ellis does the best he can with a film that needed a much larger budget, it is obvious the sharks aren’t real and it’s almost laughable at times to see the actors wrestling with big rubber objects that are meant to be sharks. To his credit though Ellis battles on and while using the stock-standard underwater shots that have been around since Jaws he does let the film set a good pace.

There is one thing I would love to question Mr. Ellis about though. Why on earth does he allow some really stupid looking music montage parts slip through in the film? For example, when the girls are changing, it just looks totally ridiculous. However, even worse is the music-video at the end of the film (after the credits)… the song is crap and the whole sequence does nothing but cheapen the film and make it look like the work of a film student… a bad one at that.

As usual in a teenage horror film the acting is fairly stock standard, however both Dustin Milligan and Chris Carmack do use it is a vehicle to show that they have the looks (and perhaps the ability) to do bigger and better things.

There are a few laughable moments in Shark Night 3D but if you love cheesy slasher-like horrors you’ll be in your element with a film that follows all the simple horror templates but still manages to surprise from time-to-time. Only if you’re really into horror.