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:: She's Out Of My League

When you approach a film that seems to be in that ‘American Pie’ style of comedy you normally approach with caution. They may claim to be that good, but most full short, and while ‘She’s Out Of My League’ doesn’t quite reach the dizzy heights of ‘Road Trip’ or ‘The Hangover’ it certainly does enough to warrant the tag ‘an enjoyable comedy’. And while some laughs fall flat it does however manage to explore with some maturity some of the self-doubts that a man may have in a relationship.

When Kirk (Jay Baruchel) is dumped by his girlfriend, Marnie (Lindsay Sloane) his best friends, Jack (Mike Vogel), Stainer (T.J. Miller) and Devon (Nate Torrence) can’t be happier. However when Kirk meets Molly (Alice Eve) and Molly likes him his friends can’t be more surprised. However when they tell that she is far too hot for him… could they possibly be right?

‘She’s Out Of My League’ is a film that needs good writing in order to work. There are no big Hollywood stars here to guarantee bums on seats… although I am pretty sure we will be describing Jay Baruchel as a Hollywood star very, very soon… certainly this film won’t do his career any damage. Director, Jim Field Smith (‘Where Have I Been All Your Life’, ‘Goodbye To The Normals’) does a wonderful job letting the script do all the talking, and while there are some moments of general comic genius there are also some other times when the humor falls flat on its face and you are left wondering why the joke wasn’t edited out… the scene at the bowling alley comes to mind straight away. The fight with the other bowler is pointless even though other parts of the scene are very necessary.

The surprising thing that I found about ‘She’s Out Of My League’ is that it actually does tackle a topic that is seldom explored in film, and that is the insecurities that a man may feel in a relationship. Screenwriters, Sean Anders and John Morris do a great job mixing some genuine laugh-out-loud comedy with such a serious topic. This is certainly a film that could leave both males and females thinking seriously about the topic.

‘She’s Out Of My League’ is certainly an interesting comedy. With no big names at the helm the film’s script is what gets it through. The film will have you laughing out loud while Jay Baruchel shows why he is a star on the rise. One of the better comedies of this year… a sleeper hit!