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:: Shine A Light

Although I jumped at the opportunity to review the special feature of a Martin Scorsese film of the Rolling Stones, as a Gen Y with not much knowledge of bands other than enjoying some karaoke in the car to my favourite tracks, I had no idea what I was getting myself into! Five minutes into the show and after some old Stones interview footage, Bill Clinton opens the concert to hundreds of screaming fans and as the lights fade and light back up again, so too does the roar. You’re lost in the buzz of the audience, the heat of the lights and the electric guitar starts to blare… the Rolling Stones take centre stage.

Filmmaker Martin Scorsese presents the concert which was held at the Beacon Theatre in NYC, and Oscar-winning cinematographer, Robert Richardson captures this raw display of the Stones with such surrealism – I feel as though I’m a part of the audience and privileged enough to be face to face with Mick Jagger himself. Every detail visible: from the beads of sweat as they perform, to the lines in their faces and scars of the past. These rock legends have lived one hell of a life and wear it on their sleeves. The drugs, the sex, the parties and good times, indented into their skin! Starting out as young and somewhat naive, the Stones had no idea how far they were to travel. (although Mick said in an interview with Dick Cavett in the early 1970s that he could still see himself doing this until age 60).

Today, in their 60s, they continue to perform as best they did with youth on their side. As an event stylist and producer, I know the importance of engaging and entertaining an audience and these guys have had nearly half a century of experience. As Mick jumps around the stage in his silk shirts, sequined tees and black denim jeans, I can imagine how hot these old men were in their 20s! They ooze confidence and are so comfortable on stage. I never thought I’d admit that men the age of my father are really super cool. The sheer brilliance of their performance and guest appearances from the likes of Christina Aguilera, Jack White and Buddy guy have the audience engrossed. Inventors of true hard-core rock and roll, the Rolling Stones have continued to inspire musicians and entertainers alike.

As I try to look deeper into their eyes, their souls, I’m lost in their passion of rock. Their eyes remain clear and focussed on the music; they know they’re genius and so too does the crowd. By the end of the show, I’m high on adrenalin, amazed by their energy and proud to admit that I, a part time prude and typical “chill out” chick, am now a Rolling Stones fan. Sensational!

The film is screening on general release at cinemas and IMAX theatres