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:: Slumdog Millionaire

When I discovered that Danny Boyle was going to direct a film in India (especially that it was not typically a Hollywood/Bollywood film,) I was ever so curious to see what it would be. When I heard the plot of the story, adapted from the novel “Q and A”, that it was a drama based behind the scenes of Mumbai's slums, about a boy on a live game show who miraculously and ever so “mysteriosly” wins 10,000,000 rupees after years of childhood struggle in poverty, I was very excited to see it.

Essentially, to me, I found it a love story, of a girl and of family ties, of growing up and striving for what you want, or rather what you don't want, in the life you have and of what you want out of life. A beautifully portrayed tale of hope and finding the answers throughout your lives. I was worried people would criticise the film to perceive India to look dirty and cruel, but rather, that was all in the foreground. It was the perfect backdrop to the intertwined story of the children and life in the fast lane as conscious adults.

The way it is told is genius! I will not give away how it is done because it is cleverly revealed between past and present circumstances. This film made me realise that everything in the past does effect your future and the choices you make, the lessons you learn.

Danny Boyle has a fantastic eye for movement and emotion, making you feel as if you were right there in colourful India with the characters, all performed superbly by the cast. I definitely recommend this film. I laughed, I cried, I feared and I believed in moments.