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:: Snow Cake

Snow Cake is not a movie that I would say I particularly liked. But then again it’s not a movie that I disliked. It left a kind of indifferent feeling with me. Sigourney Weaver puts in a brilliant performance as an autistic mother. If nothing else, this movie demonstrates what a brilliant actress she is. I prefer a movie with some action, something gripping, ‘something’ at the least.

The movie is fine. But that’s it. I may be biased towards action and suspense – this is one of the more, ‘feel good’ movies – so if you’re in to that kind of film – then please, go see Snow Cake.

Basically, Alex (Alan Rickman) gets talked into giving a lift to a hippie-chick hitchhiker called Vivienne (Emily Hampshire). A bit further down the line, his car gets t-boned by a semi-trailer. Vivienne is killed. Rickman takes it on himself to go and see Vivienne’s mother (whom she was on her way to see) and deliver some gifts that Vivienne was taking home to her.

Linda is Vivienne’s mother – who also happens to be autistic and extremely neurotic – capably played by Sigourney Weaver, she offers some relief in an otherwise lacking script. They become unlikely friends. Alex has an affair with the next door neighbour (Carrie-Anne Moss). He organises Vivienne’s funeral. He leaves. And that’s about it.

There are some funny bits, some sad bits, some attempts at sexual bits (which left me feeling queasy, therefore obviously not sexy at all) but it just fails to pack it all together with a punch. Or even a push. Without Weaver, the movie wouldn’t have much left. She really is impressive in playing the part of Linda, infectious yet infuriating with child-like abandon. Carrie-Anne Moss, as the local small town ‘vamp’, brings a little bit of colour to the movie, as does Emily Hampshire as the short lived Vivienne.

Alan Rickman’s character is dry and lacks any sparkle whatsoever. He speaks in a quiet drawl which is often hard to hear. Whilst his character is supposed to be detached and withdrawn, I just find him boring.

Overall, I wouldn’t recommend Snow Cake to my friends, my family or my work colleagues – so I am not going to recommend it to you either. But then again, I am not one for uplifting, heart-warming, sentimental melodramas. If you are, then maybe this one’s for you.