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:: Solo

Jack Barrett has had enough! Working as a hit-man for hire for a group of businessmen call ‘The Gentlemen’, who operate within the Sydney Underworld, Jack decides that he wants out. However, getting out proves to be much harder than Jack intends. The ultimatum - one final job as a gesture of good faith, then he can go! The job-to assassinate young university student Billie Finn, who is doing her thesis on the fallout from the Wood Royal Commission on Organised Crime. Billie starts to ask the kind of questions that make gangsters feel uneasy and unknowingly find herself entangled in the underworld.

Set in Sydney, ‘Solo’ is a dark journey into the heart of the Australian underworld. The plot is edgy, fun, a little violent and thoroughly entertaining from beginning to the (I might add totally unexpected!) end.

It features some outstanding performances by an Australian cast, including Colin Friels, Bojana Novakovic, Vince Colosimo and Bruce Spence. Written and directed by newcomer Morgan O’Neil, the script for ‘Solo’ won the Project Greenlight Australia scriptwriting competition.