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:: Spider-Man 3

Well, it was always going to be a blockbuster, action film, characterised with the most expensive, creative and explosive display of visual effects. It seems as though number three has delivered the goods and possibly even outdone the other two films.

I am sure watching the film as V Max - where the film was shown at our particular screening - altered movie-goers experience of the film distinctly of that than seeing it in a regular cinema. And through this experience I thouroughly recommend anyone to see it at one of these mammoth theatres to experience everything the film has to offer.

In this journey the creators have explored character development, delving into the darker side of our favourite hero, but the action hasn't suffered as a result of this. Amazing visual effects and a few new characters keep the film from being boring and the development of a somewhat nastier Spider-Man, for a short time anyway, adds a touch of spice to those used to Peter Parker, as door-next-door type nerd.

Becoming increasingly affected by his growing popularity as Spider-Man, Parker's ego gets the better of him, tainting his relationships with family and more important love-interest MJ. The film appears to run for a lot longer than the previous two and although a leg stretch may be needed at its conclusion, number three doesn't seem to drag on unnecessarily as, unfortunately, a lot of sequels often do.

I recommend Spider-Man 3 to any fan and to those who aren't yet fans, what are you waiting for, go out and hire the other two so you can experience everything that the third instalment has to offer.