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:: Step Up 3D

I don’t get why people go to see a film like ‘Step Up 3D’ and then walk away complaining about the story. Sure the script for this film won’t be in the running for an Oscar – but did anyone in the audience turn up there expecting it? I’m not sure about anyone else but I turned up expecting to see a film that followed on in this series and produce some more sizzling dance sequences, and I was more than curious to see how the director would put the 3D technology to best use… and I have to admit I walked away pretty impressed.

Like I said the storyline isn’t anything new. Basically we follow Moose (Adam G. Sevani) who has arrived in New York with best friend, Camille (Alyson Stoner) to go to college. He decides he has turned his back on dancing forever but after being in New York for only a few hours he finds himself in a dancing battle which impresses Luke (Rick Malambri), a young man who is putting together a Dance Crew for a huge Dance Tournament. But with financial problems, enemies barking at the gates and a love interest (in the form of Natalie (Sharni Vinson) coming into his life, how will he possibly keep his eye on the prize?

With a weak story at his disposable it was all up to director, Jon Chu to make this film entertaining, and he certainly does this by using the 3D technology to the best of his ability. The dance sequences do look amazing in 3D, but a word of warning; don’t sit too close to the screen because the constant movement can possibly make you feel nauseous. Chu does prove himself with the 3D technology and even manages to create some interesting scenes using bubbles and also some dancers dancing on a wet floor.

Acting-wise nobody really gets a chance to show anything special, due largely to the poor storyline. Adam G. Sevani possibly shows that he should be cast in some teenage comedies without dance as a theme, but even he would be spewing that he didn’t get a chance to show more acting range… unfortunately even though the film is set-up to be following him it soon branches away to focus more on Luke and Natalie. Speaking of which, Aussie Sharni Vinson can hold her head high in her U.S. film debut while Rick Malambri shows he has all the skills to be the romantic lead.

Some great dance sequences filmed specially in 3D are what makes this film a pleasure to watch. ‘Step Up 3D’ is all about entertainment over substance… but hey it works so who am I to complain?