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:: Strings

Strings is a Danish feature film made entirely with wooden marionette puppets. It is an ambitious coming-of-age story in the tradition of Lord of the Rings and Hamlet. The Emperor of Hebelon is brutally murdered at the hands of his arch nemesis and brother, Nezo. The Emperor’s son Hal, now heir to the throne, ventures out into Hebelon’s heartland in an attempt to find his father’s killer. The kind-hearted but sheltered Hal discovers that the once peaceful land of Hebelon has been devastated under his father’s rule.

Strings touches on ideas such as the futility of war, the value of freedom, and the overwhelming power of love. However the most interesting theme the film explores is the interconnectivity between all living things. The strings that guide the puppets represent the unseen link between God and humanity.

Although the puppets, set design and cinematography is striking, the dialogue is clunky and as wooden as the puppets themselves. During the dramatic moments of the story, I had to stifle my laughter. The kiss between Hal and his love interest Zita is particularly memorable!

Released exclusively to Cinema Nova in Melbourne.