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:: Stuck On You

The latest film from the Farrelly brothers will have some groaning with annoyance or squealing for glee, whichever way you take it one thing is true they dare go where no other comedies dare tread, no others in Hollywood that is. The latest target of the Farrelly brothers consists of Bob and Walt Tenor, conjoined twin brothers with a dream in their pockets and the world in their hands (all two pairs of them).

Bob and Walt own and run Quickee Burger and the two are indeed a great pair, offering free meals if they can’t deliver an order in 3 minutes. Confirming that having two pairs of arms is better than one, they consistently deliver on time. Happy, easy-go-lucky fellows Walt (Greg Kinnear), after a string of acclaimed theatrical performances in their home town of Martha’s Vineyard, decides he’d like to pursue acting and head up to the big smoke, Los Angeles. Bob (Matt Damon), the quieter and more sensible of the two, needs some talking round fearing people won’t be as accepting of their appearance in a larger city than they are in Martha’s Vineyard. However, a big ol’ cheesy hug and play fight the two are off to La La Land.

Walt discovers that acting itself is quite a hard deal on its own. However, added with an extra person on his side and casting agents constantly calling them freaks, he is almost all run out until a chance encounter with his all-time favourite person in the world, Cher, gives him hope to continue. Not only hope, but a chance to co-star in her latest television series. Having an agenda of her own, Cher plans to sabotage her show in order to be released from her contract and casting a conjoined twin freak is just her ticket. The whole sham blows up in her face with Walt bringing the show into first place in the ratings and securing sponsorship deals and newfound celebrity on Entertainment Tonight for both himself and Bob.

Bob is a miserable sod when his Internet love match finally sees what he had been hiding, but has Bob really been hiding from himself the whole time? Yes, of course, you can see that one a mile away. Walt meanwhile sees his brother’s sorrow and goes about a path of self-destruction. As he and Bob share the same liver, a drink for Walt is a drink for Bob. All this changes when they make a crucial decision that will affect them for the rest of their lives. Sounds familiar?

The performances are passable, as Kinnear seems to have a better grip on the more dramatic and serious moments whilst at times Damon looks as if he is ready to burst into fits of laughter. Eva Mendes as April is simply eye candy whose character is so one-dimensional that you can just about see through it whilst the funnier moments of the film are stolen by Seymour Cassel as Morty, April and Walt’s agent speeding about in his motorised wheel chair.

Stuck On You harbours a heavier sentimental tone, sending out clear Hollywood moralistic messages in between some pointless and sometimes humourless sight gags. However like each of their films you either appreciate it or not, this one is verging on not, mainly due to the fact that the Farrelly’s seem so intent not to offend that a lot of their staple comedy has been traded in for a light hearted borderline weepy drama.