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:: Tais Toi!

Written and directed by Francis Veber (The Dinner Game, The Closet), Tais Toi is a fast paced, crazy film in the great French farce tradition. The comedic caper in Tais Toi centres around the simple minded Quentin (Depardieu) who drives everyone who comes into contact with him crazy with his incessant talking.

After a botched robbery, Quentin is sent to prison and ends up sharing a cell with Ruby (Jean Reno). Before being put in prison, Ruby managed to hide a considerable sum of money stolen from Vogel (Jean-Pierre Malo), a big time crook who murdered Ruby’s girlfriend. Ruby refuses to talk to police about his crime and Quentin becomes convinced that he and Ruby are great friends, even though Ruby scarcely says a word to him. Quentin refuses to be apart from Ruby, convinced that they will someday own and operate a cafe together when they get out of jail. Ruby does not trust Quentin, believing him to be an under cover cop trying to find the stolen money. After escaping from jail in one of the most amusing jailbreaks ever seen on film, Ruby tries to ditch Quentin at every turn, despite Quentin’s unparalleled genius for escaping their pursuers and evading the police.

Gerard Depardieu is great in this film, displaying an innate sense of comic timing whilst bringing warmth and likeability to his simpleton character. Jean Reno as Ruby also does a great job playing the straight man. There must be some truly hilarious outtakes from this film, given some of the situations the pair are involved in on screen. The important thing is that what makes it into the final cut of the film is truly hilarious and makes Tais Toi one of the best French comedies for quite a while.

Screening at Cinema Nova.