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:: The Change-Up

Okay, the old story of two very different characters switching bodies has been done quite a bit over the years… Dating The Enemy and The Switch come to mind straight away, so can The Change-Up possibly work. Well, luckily thanks to the use of some good modern, humor and some great comedic performances from its leading men this is one film that certainly isn’t a waste of your time… despite the fact most of your will find it extremely predictable.

Dave Lockwood (Jason Bateman) and Mitch Planko (Ryan Reynolds) are two friends with very different lives. Dave is a respectable lawyer who when isn’t at work is with his wife, Jamie (Leslie Mann) and his children. Meanwhile, Mitch has never really grown up. He spends his work hours trying to make it as an actor and his free time chasing women. However, on one fateful night the two men urinate in a fountain, make a wish and hey presto wake up in each other’s bodies the next day.

Director, Dave Dobkin does very little to enhance this film. He doesn’t have to because the film has a very special gift, and that is a script delivered by the guys who brought us The Hangover, Jon Lucas and Scott Moore. These guys know that this story has been told a million times before so they make it their own by introducing the new-wave (some would call crass) sexual humor, and while The Change-Up isn’t a masterpiece you will find yourself laughing throughout. The fact that they have placed two believable characters in a completely unbelievable situation simply works in a way that will keep the audience captivated.

The other gift that this film has is its leading men. Ryan Reynolds has really shown over the last twelve months that if you give him a meaty script he will deliver, he’s not the B-Grade actor he once was. Likewise, Jason Bateman is really showing his strength as a comedic actor. His performance here and his performance in Horrible Bosses really shows that he is one of the comedic finds of 2011.

It may have been done before but The Change-Up is a must for those who want to see a movie that will make them laugh. This is Reynolds and Bateman at their hilarious best.