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:: The Extra

Jimeoin has forged a successful career in Australia as a comedian over the past fifteen years and has appealed with his cheeky, friendly nature. He has already made a film ‘The Craic’, which did pretty well for him. He has now written and stars in ‘The Extra’, an idea developed from the latter days of ‘The Craic’ several years ago. In telling of the life of an aspiring actor who simply fills roles as an extra, the film is sure to be enjoyed as good fun with charismatic moments and plenty of personality.

The film plays up to what it’s like being on the outskirts of a fully-fledged actor and then in the inner circle of fame and on movie billboards. “The Extra” (Jimeoin) becomes associated with an ambitious and cheeky filmmakers Curtis Thai-Buckworth (Rhys Muldoon) in an attempt to fulfil his ambition. But they become embroiled with a gangster (Bob Franklin) and a suspicious policeman (Shawn Micallef). Jimeoin’s witty script contains a couple of nice surprises and introduces the viewer to a couple of first-time feature performances. It is The Extra’s relationship with Claudia (Katherine Slattery) that is the lovely, romantic part of the story. Slattery’s smile is so endearing and she is a charming figure. Also, Kristy Hinze goes from being a top model to her first feature film role. It’s a good stepping stone to hopefully bigger things for her. She has the look for the screen. Other supporting roles come from Helen Dallimore and Taylor Kane.

After a lean couple of years, Australia needs a good kick-a-long in its filmmaking, to bolster box-office takes, and ‘The Extra’ might help set the journey on a correct path, though it isn’t by any means the perfect Australian comedy. Jimeoin’s likeable persona and the generally clean humour help provide some genuinely funny moments. The ending could be considered a slight drawback but that is for the viewer to decide. ‘The Extra’ is definitely worth a look, however.

‘The Extra’ is screening on general release