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:: The Guard

If you don’t like the quirky black humour of a film like A Film With Me In It then you’ll never like The Guard. Likewise, if you’re one of those dunces that struggles with accents and demands that The Bill be broadcasted with subtitles than don’t bother because the Irish accents are thick… the way they should be in an Irish film.

The Guard tells the story of Sergeant Gerry Boyle (Brendan Gleeson) a foul-mouthed, dirty-living copper whose quiet part of Ireland is shocked by the murder of a ‘young lad’. And while Boyle seems to lack intelligence he is quick to put two and two together when he hears FBI Agent Wendell Everett’s (Don Cheadle) speech about a group of drug traffickers he is seeking. Enter, Francis (Liam Cunningham) and Clive (Mark Strong), and while Everitt isn’t sure what to make of Boyle he does let him work on the case.

As far as newcomers go, director, John Michael McDonagh shows the comedy world a thing or two. If you love dark humour than The Guard is guaranteed to have you laughing out loud… more than once. McDonagh allows the script to flow without bogging down the comedy with political correctness. Some of the funniest scenes are Boyle insulting Everett by pointing out he must be wrong ‘because the dealers aren’t black’ and at another time mistaking a victim of crime as ‘one of the girl from the agency’. Yes those who like to be politically correct will find this film offensive at times, but please ladies and gentlemen grow up and remember it’s comedy, not something to be taken seriously.

Aside from the script it is the acting performance of Brendan Gleeson that makes The Guard so special. His comedic timing and dramatic presence make him perfect for the role of Boyle, while the big surprise is Cheadle who matches Gleeson’s comedic performance and together the two play characters that will be long-etched into my mind.

A little offensive and very much over-the-top The Guard is a surprise comedy hit. If The Guard doesn’t make you laugh you need to see a doctor about your sense of humour.