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:: The Help

Many films will be released this year that will have people saying “oh, they’ll do well on Oscar night’… well The Help is one film that will certainly feature on Oscar Night, because this is one of the most important films to be released this year. And luckily the film ended up in the right hands, because this is one film that is guaranteed to emotionally affect its audience.

Taken from Kathryn Stockett’s novel of the same name The Help follows a young journalist, Eugenia ‘Skeeter’ Phelan (Emma Stone) as she embarks on a journey that will see her write a novel that will change the world. Tide of seeing the bitchy housewives of her town (such as Hilly Holbrook (Bryce Dallas Howard) mistreat black maids such as, Aibileen (Viola Davis) and Minny (Octavia Spencer), Skeeter uses the maid’s stories to expose the behavior to the whole world. However, along the way Skeeter realizes just how dangerous this book can be for the people involved in creating it.

Screenwriter/director, Tate Taylor doesn’t hold back any punches with this film. Yes he shows the injustice that the black maids went through but he also goes as far to show that Hilly mistreated people such as Celia (Jessica Chastain), so in a way the film also takes a major swipe at bullying. This opens the film up to a completely different audience again and means that anyone who has ever been bullied in their lives will understand where the film is coming from. Taylor’s screenwriting is superb and his character development is so good that you will soon find yourselves loathing Hilly and will want to see justice served. His script will affect you emotionally, there is no escaping that, but because of the subject at hand, it really did need to.

The big surprise in this film is Emma Stone. While many raved about her work in Easy A, it is a shock to see her do so well in a film that isn’t a comedy. Her performance here shows that she really is the real deal and along with her fellow cast members Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer she will certainly be amongst the list of people vying for a little gold statue on Oscars night. The other amazing performance here is that of Bryce Dallas Howard, yes she is playing an ‘evil’ character but the fact she can evoke such emotion out of the audience is only proof of how good her performance really is.

The Help is a magnificent film, not only because it exposes past wrong-doings but because it offers a story of hope. Brilliantly written and containing some sensational acting performances from its leads The Help is a film that certainly shouldn’t be missed. This is one of the best films that you will see this year.