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:: The Informant

Being a fan of Matt Damon’s work I was really hoping that I would enjoy ‘The Informant’, but alas this talented actor’s skills are completely wasted in a film that is nothing more than an empty experience, the kind of film that you watch and then completely forget about just a couple of days later.

Damon plays Mark Whitacre, a business man who is urged by his wife, Ginger (Melanie Lynskey) to inform the FBI about the corruption the corporation he works for is involved in. When FBI Agent Brian Shepard (Scott Bakula) visits his house to investigate an exortion case it is the perfect chance for Mark to spill the beans. But it soon becomes obvious that his case isn’t as open and shut as it should be.

The character of Mark Whitacre should have been the most interesting character to grace our screens since Forrest Gump. But due to some poor writing he comes a labour to watch. His witty voiceovers pieces are humourous early on but as the film goes on they just become tedious, so much so that at times you feel like screaming ‘JUST SHUT UP!’. The fact that a technique like this is used to the point that it drives the audience mad is a sign of very poor filmmaking indeed.

Damon tires desperately to get this bomb to bloat and he is well supported by Melanie Lynskey who takes a huge step up from her television role on ‘Two And A Half Men’ but ‘The Informant’ is going nowhere fast. Even the look of the film fails to inspire. In trying to achience an early 90s look to the film the filmmakers have ended up with a result the looks like a poor 1970s cop show. Add this to the fact that the film’s storyline twists and turns so much that many audience members will be left in total confusion and the whole ‘The Informant’ experience is not a pleasant one. Sometimes putting too much information into your script is worse then not putting in enough. I think it’s time the screenwriters on ‘The Informant’ went back to film school, as this is certainly a very poor effort.

‘The Informant’ should have been a great film but unfortunately some really poor filmmaking choices has led to a film that really is a pain to endure. You really do have to wonder what director Steven Soderbergh was thinking in serving up a film like this. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy.